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music technology trends and obsolescence

check out this cool technology obsolescence curve. It shows the gradual rise and fall of sales trends of vinyl records, cassette tapes, compact discs, and ipods over a 30 year period. the technology trends are remarkably cyclical.

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Little Brown House Patterns

So, I’m working on a UPC / EAN codings database, and here’s a sample product listing for little brown house pattnerns

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The Definitive Flock Beta 1 Review

Paul Stamatiou reviews the latest beta from Flock and even shows a few screencasts of nifty features. It’s definitely something worth checking out.

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I just wrote part two of my series on optimizing apache/mysql for low memory usage.  This time, i talked about MySQL settings.  See: Optimizing Apache and MySQL for Low Memory Usage on a Virtual Private Server

I hope someone finds it interesting!

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How To Speed Up Your Web App

The next generation of web apps make heavy use of JavaScript and CSS. This article, by the lead developer of Flickr, shows you how to make those apps responsive and quick.

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Vista\’s Make Or Break Moment

Testers of windows vista say that the next build, out soon, is a make or break moment for Microsoft.\r\n\r\nI don\’t think vista will be out until at least february. I don\’t think manufacturers will stop selling XP for many months. Vista\’s going to be a buggy piece of shit.

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Free SkypeOUT for the rest of the year

I'm not an avid skype user, but I noticed that eBay / Skype are giving away free skype-to-us/canada landlines for the rest of the year. This is a really big promotion, but not THAT big. At first, it looks like they're making the product free, but they're really just trying to lure you in.

I still want to ditch my cox phone service and go with vonage. I just flat out want to pay less. I never use my landline anymore, and I just want something cheap for backup service.

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Article about apache and vps optimization

I just put an article about low memory apache and vps optimization up on my blog.

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Testing Out Wordpress.com

I'm just testing out wordpress.com and getting an API key for akismet to use with my real blog, emergent properties

I also run a blog about pugs and a site about how to clean microfiber

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